Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Festival - 2015

Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Festival - 2015Back in November and December Victoria was commissioned by CMPS Consult to create a spectacle for the Mistletoe Festival which takes place in the Worcestershire town of Tenbury Wells. This annual festival celebrates the town's long and colourful history with the local apple orchards and mistletoe harvest.

Victoria was asked to create a Willow Mistletoe Queen and festive star standards with the pupils of St Michaels International School and Tenbury Wells High School.

The festival culminated in a parade full of sparkling star standards carried by the dancers, poets, storytellers and musicians who had taken part in the day's activities. The real life Mistletoe Queen and Holly Prince (played by the Head Boy and Girl of the local high school) were led through this enchanting town by the newly created Willow Mistletoe Queen Sculpture who sparkled as she processed through the crowd covered streets.

The pupils worked over the course of one day to learn techniques and methods to create the Willow Mistletoe Queen. The project proved a great way to encourage cross school links as well as teach the children the process of using willow to create celebratory forms and shapes.

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