British Tattoo Art Revealed - Torre Abbey

Giant Willow Tatto Arm British Tattoo Art Revealed - Torre AbbeyVik was excited at the opportunity of creating a giant willow tattoo arm for the Torre Abbey British Tattoo Art Revealed exhibition, showing March till June 2018. With the help of the Torre Abbey learning lab team and sixth form students from around Torquay this giant willow sculpture was created during a two day art workshop. The whole team were relentless in their dedication towards getting this giant sculpture finished on time.

Big thanks from Vik to the art students and Torre Abbey team for all their help, inspiration and endless nourishment. And especially for bringing this exciting British Tattoo show to Devon.

"From ruffians to royalty; from sailors to socialites; from pilgrims to punks: tattoos have been etched into bodies throughout British history. Now this stunning new exhibition is at Torre Abbey Museum, which promises to get under the skin of this worldwide phenomenon.."

Here are a few photographs revealing beneath the woven skin of a giant willow tattoo arm.. 

British Tattoo Art Revealed is a genuinely ground-breaking and comprehensive history of British tattooing, featuring cutting edge designers, leading academics and major private collectors. This is the largest gathering of real objects and original tattoo artwork ever assembled in the UK featuring over 400 original artworks, photographs and historic artefacts, Read more..

British Tattoo Art Revealed is curated by the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, an independent Museum based in Falmouth.

Torre Abbey Museum
National Maritime Museum

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