Yarty Party Festval Sculpture

Yart Party Festival Sculpture AxminsterIt was hard to imagine the heat of the sunshine when Devon was subjected to the most severe snow event for 10 years back in March, but that was when the planning for the Summer Yarty Party Sculpture was underway. Victoria was approached by the Yarty Party team to run an adventurous willow workshop to create a giant willow sculpture in one day.

Local school children came up with ideas which Victoria formed into the wonderful River Yarty Goddess. As the sculpture was created in under 8 hours Victoria created a steel frame in advance and then with the help of the festival goers wove the willow River Goddess before the sun went down.

After the festival the sculpture was taken to one of the local primary schools to remind them of this fantastic community celebration.

If you would like to discuss a sculpture workshop for your festival or fete please get in touch to find out more.

Yarty Party Festival

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