Killerton Apple Festival

Killerton Apple Day Festival - Willow WorshopWhat could be better than a day in one of Devon’s most gorgeous orchards, Vik headed off to the beautiful Killerton estate last October to work with the hundreds of visitors heading to the National Trust’s Apple Festival event.

It was a busy weekend as Vik showed these keen Apple lovers how to weave a willow apple. National Trust members were very keen to have a go and learn about Vik's garden sculptures and outdoor artwork. The visitors here are made of strong stuff as even when the heavens opened they all gathered under the gazebos to weave with the sticks!

        ‘Autumn.. the year’s last loveliest smile’ 

- from poem, The Indian Summer, John Howard Bryant (1807 - 1902) brother of William Cullen Bryant (1794 - 1878)

This proved really popular activity at the event with many visitors learning about willow and its amazing and rather addictive crafting possibilities.

Killerton House Devon

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