Moonscape - Torbay Cultures Wavelength ProgectMoonscape’ part of Torbay's Wavelength Project. Vik was commissioned by Torbay Culture back in November 2019 to create a light path as part of the Great Places Scheme for the Wavelength Project.

Taking inspiration from the moon-like surface of the Pitch & Putt, willow artist Vik Westaway created a landscape of glowing spheres that appeared to float above the ground, lighting the way from the Meadows up to Torre Abbey Grounds. Moonscape explored the power and magic of the moon and its connection to the sea. This unexpected moonlit light path created a new journey, leading the audience to follow the moonlight from Torre Abbey towards the sea and back. The glow of the giant moons and the spaces in between offered a fun, explorative experience for audiences to connect and enjoy the moonlight together.

What if the Moon and her sisters fell from the sky and were drawn towards the Sea?

Vik has worked on a number of light festivals, creating magical illuminated works for parades and outdoor display. Wavelength was a fantastic event to be part of, we loved seeing families interact with with moons taking playful silhouette photographs and exploring the surface of these satellite lanterns.

Torbay Culture
EyeView - Wavelength

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